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“We would recommend SCM to any parent in a heartbeat! It's a Montessori daycare accepting kids from a young age up to when they need to head to kindergarten. We enrolled our child at 18 months and our child has blossomed in their care evolving in many different areas essential to the growth and development of toddlers. The teachers at this daycare have been around much before we started and are excellent in providing a structured but nurturing learning environment. Our child is almost 4 years old now and is still going to SCM and absolutely loves it!”

Kobe P. five stars

"My 3 year old began going to school since August and it's been such a wonderful experience. I've never let my daughter out of my sight and I've never had anyone taken care of her except on two occasions: date night and when I was in labor and delivery with my 2nd child, so trust and communication plays a big part when I send my child off to school. I have recommended this school to my friends and neighbors. My child comes home happy and with knowledge, so when she said she learned about the solar system at the age of 3, I was surprised she was able to name planets. They also learn about the basic like apple (stem, skin, core), seasons, holidays and more and they do arts and craft. So far, it's been a wonderful experience and we're delighted to have my daughter in this school."

Joy L. five stars

"I am extremely grateful to Santa Clara Montessori. Mrs. Katie, Ms. Nicole, Mrs. Cho, and Mrs. Choi have helped me nurture an independent, bright, and fully of life child... The teachers even helped potty train my daughter. It took about 2 months as my daughter was refusing to use the potty. During that process, the teachers were very patient with my daughter. The teachers never rushed her and gave us pointers on how to keep up with the potty training at home... "

Sai V. five stars

"SCM is a fantastic Montessori daycare. Our child, enrolled at 18 months, has shown remarkable growth. The teachers are nurturing and provide a structured environment. Highlights include independence building, healthy eating habits, and fun summer themes. Our child loves it here!"

Kobe P. five stars

"My daughter thrived at SCM during the pandemic, thanks to Ms. Katie's strict protocols. The staff's care and engaging schedule are commendable. My daughter enjoyed the fresh meals and diverse activities. SCM's focus on independent learning and regular communication is impressive..."

Anupam L. five stars

“I have nothing but good things to say about this school. I don't think there are a more caring group of teachers who are all there to help your child grow and learn. Every day when I pick my son up and ask him how he is, he is always happy and pleased with his day. It's a small school and the kids are all great friends - but this is a reflection of the teachers and the camaraderie that they ensure the students have. There is lots of fun to be had here, but also A LOT of learning. A really nice balance!”

Alisha D. five stars

"Kid's been attending Santa Clara Montessori for 1.5 years now and he loves it! The teachers are loving and caring. The school is focused on wholesome development and my kid is growing up to be more independent everyday. We have no complaints and I highly recommend it."

Kayal R. five stars

"My daughter just completed preschool at SCM. She is a difficult and naughty child ( intellectually brilliant but with problems mingling and making friends. She is also a prankster). Miss Katie and her team were patient with her and made her feel comfortable and let her build on her strengths. She really enjoyed going to SCM. She is also improving socially. Overall, highly recommend SCM."

Sai V. five stars

"SCM offers a nurturing environment for my 3-year-old. The small school size, effective communication, and comprehensive learning approach are notable. My daughter has become independent and caring, reflecting the school's influence. The school's events and birthday celebrations add to the joy."

Joy L. five stars

"Santa Clara Montessori is a loving and caring place for my child. The teachers focus on individual development and Montessori independence. My child is always happy returning from school. The parent meet-ups are great for community building. Highly recommend SCM."

Amrita D. five stars

"SCM has nurtured my child into an independent individual. The teachers, especially Mrs. Katie and Ms. Nicole, are patient and caring. They helped with potty training and encouraged independence at home. The school's arts & crafts and outdoor activities are excellent..."

Kaycee T. five stars

"Our experience at SCM has been outstanding. The intimate setting, excellent teachers, and included lunch program are major pluses. My daughter enjoys the diverse activities and has grown fond of the teachers. SCM is highly recommended for its holistic approach."

Samantha H. five stars

"SCM provided an amazing foundation for my son. The teachers, particularly Ms. Nicole and Ms. Katie, helped him come out of his shell. He started reading early and enjoyed the activities. SCM is a great place for nurturing young minds."

Danielle H. five stars

"SCM is perfect for our family, offering healthy lunches and a flexible schedule. The caring atmosphere created by the teachers is evident, and my child looks forward to school every day. The positive environment and excellent care make SCM a lifesaver for busy parents."

Hieu D. five stars

"My daughter started at SCM at 15 months and has shown significant development. The mixed-age class structure and caring teachers like Miss Nicole and Mrs. Cho have been instrumental in her growth. She's learned a lot and enjoys sharing stories about her day. SCM's nurturing environment is highly recommended for young children."

Gloria C. five stars

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