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Semi Toddler Classes (18 - 24 months)

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Nurturing the Youngest Learners

Our Semi Toddler Classes at Santa Clara Montessori cater to children from 18 months to two years old, a critical period for developing trust and autonomy. In these early years, our program focuses on creating a safe, nurturing environment where toddlers can explore and learn. We emphasize responsive caregiving, ensuring each child feels secure, valued, and understood. Our curriculum is designed to foster a sense of independence and confidence, allowing toddlers to become active learners and problem solvers through a variety of sensory and interactive experiences.

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Semi Toddler Classes: Building Foundations

The Semi Toddler Classes at Santa Clara Montessori are more than just childcare; they are a foundation for lifelong learning. Our program is tailored to the unique developmental stages of young toddlers, fostering their natural curiosity and desire to explore.

Responsive Caregiving

Our approach to caregiving is responsive and nurturing, focusing on building trust and security. Every interaction, from diaper changes to feeding, is an opportunity for learning and bonding, ensuring a positive start to each child's educational journey.

Sensory Exploration

We provide a rich sensory environment where toddlers can touch, feel, and move freely. This sensory exploration is crucial for their cognitive and physical development, encouraging discovery and engagement with the world around them.

Encouraging Independence

Our program gently fosters independence, allowing toddlers to experience autonomy in a safe and supportive setting. This early sense of self-reliance is vital for their confidence and future problem-solving skills.

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Fostering Growth in Every Aspect

In our Semi Toddler Classes, we recognize the importance of holistic development during these formative years. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to support not only the cognitive growth of toddlers but also their emotional and social development. Activities are structured to enhance language skills, physical coordination, and social interaction, all within a nurturing Montessori framework. We believe in the power of early education to shape confident, curious, and well-adjusted individuals. By focusing on the whole child, we lay a strong foundation for their future learning and success.

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