Enrichment Programs
Chinese Language
Children learn songs, vocabulary, numbers, phrases, cultural traditions, holiday celebrations, basic conversational skills and identification of simple Chinese characters.
Spanish Language
Children learn songs, vocabulary, numbers, phrases, cultural traditions, holiday celebrations and basic conversational skills. 
Korean Language
Children learn songs, simple vocabulary, numbers, and cultural traditions through music, movement and story.
Children learn self-balance, stretching, jumping, hopping, tumbling, body movement, etc. through a variety of controlled and purposeful gross-motor activities. Children also develop self-esteem, self-discipline, patience, concentration and respect throught the spirits of Taekwondo.
Our yoga class provides kids with coordination, flexibility and focus in a non-competitive environment. It’s about fun and play. Children relax and excerise their imaginations, and build important blocks of self-esteem and identity. 
Learn about the beauty of garden, and the care involved in planning, nurturing and enjoying the benefits of gardening. Help children grow up loving gardening and learning how to grow their own food in an ecofriendly environment.
Cooking & Baking
The opportunity to create child’s own healthy meals that teach children while they learn important math as they follow recipes and measure ingredients. Learning of measurement and differenciating between smells, tastes, size, shape, color, and sounds is giving children a lot of fun. Children also learn about food safety and meal planning skills they help them learn about nutrition and healthy choices in a very fun, and interactive way. 
Piano lessons provide a wide range of benefits to young children. Children learn  through piano lessons how to perserve and develop their natural creative abilities and natural learning processes. Piano lessons help children develop courage, concentration and achieve goals.
Music and Movement
Children have an engaging, inhibited experience by singing songs, dancing and using instruments. Children also learn about classical composers and be exposed to a wide range of sounds and rhythm from various instrudments, international music and fun movements  following all different kinds of music. 
Fun and exciting lessons through a variety of types and mediums of art such as drawing, painting, gluing, cutting, clay work, water color, collage, crayongs, coloring, mosaic, famous artist and etc.