Infant Class
During the first two years of life, children are working on acquiring a sense of trustworthness of oneself and others. This is the sense of safety and security that comes from responsive and predictable care from familiar others to whom the child is attached. In the toddler years, a strong sense of autonomy is building. This comes from being treated as an individual and being allowed opportunities for independence.

When children feel the sense of independence, power, and competence, they can step out into the world and be active learners and problem solvers. Young children need a safe environment full of opportunities to explore and have fun. They need to be able to see, touch, feel, and move.

The curriculum for the infants and older infants invloves everything that happens to the child throughout the day. Responsive care giving is the key component to setting up a safe and secure environment and trusting relationships. Everything that a child experience are learning opportunities.

For example, diaper changes are perfect opportunities for learning experiences: language, reading books, singing gently to a child; showing gentle touches; letting the child know that this is not a hurried or rushed experience and that they are valued and precious individuals; gently moving their legs in a bicycle motion stimulating movement or having them reach and grasp for an object.

Throughout the day, teachers will take advantage of these care-giving experiences that are so important in the early years of life and turn them into meaningful and positive experiences for a child’s healthy development.